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SBI Debit Card -Verify Paypal without credit card

Hello Readers,

Verify Paypal without credit card

On DP forum i found that some one is verify their PayPal Account using SBI (State Bank of India Yuva card ). This is Great News for People who don't have Credit Cards. I don't know that it is worked or not or how can some one use for online shopping . For this we have to check that we can do payment from this or not.

But Anyway This is great news for Indians who are addicted with paypal for Payments.

for more info check this Forum thread :
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Now Pay in Google Adwords with State Bank Of India (SBI) Internetbanking

If you are a Google Adwords user from India and using Prepay Option for Adwords Payment then You can pay with State Bank Of India (SBI) Internet banking.

As we all know that SBI is the Largest bank in India. This is Really Good news for SBI Account Holders who want to use Adwords.
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