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Yahoo advertising through Adsense

 Hi Guy's,

Today i have notice that yahoo is doing adword advertisement with google. I think this is good tactic to
promote our business through our competitor program. But anyway yahoo wants business anyhow.
That's why is yahoo is doing such smart choice. Look at picture.

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Search Personalilization and SEO

Since last few days’ there is hot discussion in many communities that search personalization is killing SEO efforts. But few day’s before Aaron wall’s post his comment regarding this.
Aaron says, "Many people are syndicating the story that search personalization will kill SEO. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each time search engines add variables to their ranking algorithms they create opportunity". Read More

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Google's Matt Cutts Explained Google’s Plan for 2007

 Few days’s before there is lot of discussion on supplemental results in Google SERPS.
Now for webmasters there is nothing to worry about supplemental results. According to Matt Cutts, the PageRank of a web page determines if the page appears in the regular or supplemental results.

1) Matt Cutts makes it clear: "The approach I’d recommend in that case is to use solid white-hat SEO to get high-quality links (e.g. editorially given by other sites on the basis of merit)."

2) According to Matt Cutts: “I think we’re going to change the “filetype:” operator so that it doesn’t require an additional query word, so that you could do filetype:doc or filetype:pdf or whatever. That isn’t live at this point, but I believe it will be down the road.”

3) According to Matt Cutts: “Right now I’m not expecting any major infrastructure-related upheavals to our rankings. Should that change in the future, I’ll be here to talk about it then”.

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Wikipedia adds nofollow tags

A Cre8asite Forums thread reports that Wikipedia has added nofollow attributes to all the links within the English Wikipedia. Joost had the scoop sharing that due to the most recent SEO contest, the founder, Jimbo Wales, has ordered that the nofollow be added back to all links within the "'s article namespace."

More info 
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Google Adsense Policy Change

Hi Guy's,

Google Adsense Team has recently Change their Policies .
Please. Click Here to Check Updated Policy
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SEO-for Firefox

Hi All,

Aaron Wall's is Recently Updated their SEO frefox Extension . In the new features this extensioon is showing all information of particular domain not only to particular page.
It shwoing all other information below the Google Search Box wich includes

KW Research | View Bids | AW Sandbox | Traffic Estimator | Trends | CSV

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